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David Whitacre is a professional planner living in Chicago, the White City, and working in a skyscraper next to what most locals still call the Sears Tower. David was born in 1962 in Columbus, Ohio but grew up mainly in Kansas City. He graduated with Honors in English from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and also studied Philosophy and Psychology there. David is father to Liza (Rest in Peace), Owa (Lauren), and Max, and is stepfather to Lolo (Lauren) and Evan. He lives in the West Loop, loves fast cars, and enjoys Recreational Organizing.


The Seven Gifts was written over four years as an act of love for the kids, friends, and eternity while riding the train to and from work and in neighborhood coffee shops.


David is still in pursuit of his Gift PhD.

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Let David and The Seven Gifts Move You

The Author is available for book clubs and speaking events.

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David Whitacre opens up his unique and impactful perspective on what makes people tick in “The Seven Gifts.” While most observe others’ actions through their individual lensing/context, David’s analysis and archetypes of specific behavioral traits and tendencies offers a fresh construct. The framework illustrated in “The Seven Gifts” will open readers’ eyes as to why people act the way they do, and help in the understanding of motivations, impediments, and limitations in daily human interaction.
—Brian Schneider.


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