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The life of an entrepreneur often means not having much free time, but when I do have a chance to pick up a book, it’s always something that I can directly apply to my business. The Seven Gifts isn’t about business but more so about the people we all interact with in our day-to-day life. As a business owner, I spend most of my time communicating and working with customers and employees, so David’s insights into how people function and think is invaluable for anyone who has to deal with people. The Seven Gifts, in my opinion, should be mandatory reading for anyone in business, especially those in a management position, especially those in Human Resources. David provides a foundation to understand people’s differences and ways to improve personal and professional relationships through the lens of The Seven Gifts.


Owner, LN Engineering

Whitacre’s writing is like a series of pictures pinned to a clothesline. The wind wafts each one in turn, highlighting each gently, then moves on to the next story. I love his insight into the repetitiveness of human behavior. I knew this was within people, but couldn’t formulate it like his book has.




David Whitacre opens up his unique and impactful perspective on what makes people tick in “The Seven Gifts.” While most observe others’ actions through their individual lensing/context, David’s analysis and archetypes of specific behavioral traits and tendencies offers a fresh construct. The framework illustrated in “The Seven Gifts” will open readers’ eyes as to why people act the way they do, and help in the understanding of motivations, impediments, and limitations in daily human interaction.
—Brian Schneider.

“The Seven Gifts” thrusts our inward motivations to outward displays. We have
been let in on an indispensable human cypher. Who hasn’t wondered what
compels people to behave the way they do? What makes us tick? How can we
harness our Gifts with efficiency and purpose? Using his own Gift, David
Whitacre channels his genius, identifying and elucidating each Gift with laser
precision and impenetrable design. His knack for writing and telling stories will
keep any reader turning the pages...but this is not some kind of theatrical yet
vacuous flight of fancy. The ideas presented in this book will linger and persist
long after the book is done. Once you recognize and understand the Gifts, you
will see them everywhere.


David B. Whitacre’s book is a page-turning delight that satisfies one of life’s
burning desires: to better understand oneself and fellow humankind. Whitacre
describes a life experience of thought-provoking complexities, contradictions,
and keen observations...before outlining his unique perspective of the Seven
Gifts. The Gifts brilliantly portray each chassis for seven personality profiles that seemingly encompass all of us. What make “The Seven Gifts” stand out among the plethora of personality predictors are its lucidity and its practicality.

The Gifts are each presented in a positive light that we can all easily identify, then appreciate in ourselves and others. “The Seven Gifts” puts a spiritually soft brush on Enneagram types, while also bringing a more practical interpretation to Zodiac signs. A fascinating yet easy read that truly
enlightens the mind


Principal, Copekan Brooks

Volume One is a timely and heartfelt story of a young man's awakening as he
toggles between the racial and socioeconomic divisions of Kansas City's dis-
parate classes. It is both an endearing and evocative tale, and helps to inform
us of the author's perspective on humanity in engaging and personal ways.
Volume Two is a whole other experience. Part spiritual. Part practical. Wholly
original. It manages to categorize people and personalities without
judgment, which is no easy task. And it displays a sensitivity to human nature
that is a gift unto itself in the world we live in today. Along the way, Whitacre
converts his life’s triumphs and tragedies into thoughtful and meaningful
experiences for others, a how-to guide for redemption. Be it for business or for
personal growth, “The Seven Gifts” is a true gift for all of us, indeed


Owner, CTP Advertising

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